BreatheEasy Georgia Homes is a coalition that is dedicated to promoting smoke-free living in the homes of Georgia residents. The coalition is made up of stakeholders, organizations and public health agencies that work together to reduce secondhand smoke exposure in multiunit housing in Georgia.

BreatheEasy Georgia strives to educate property managers, property owners, management companies and residents on the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure and the need for smoke-free policies to reduce secondhand smoke exposure. The coalition has the knowledge, skills, expertise and resources to support communities to create smoke-free environments that promote equity across the different population groups in Georgia.  Smoke-free air is critical to promoting the health of Georgia residents and reducing health disparities.

property managers and owners

Are you a property manager or owner? Find out how & why to make your community smoke-free.


If you’re a resident, we can provide you resources to find housing that is smoke-free!